Hotel tip: Most showers and bathrooms have a white chord but don't pull this unless you have an emergency! It sounds an alarm and you will have staff members running to your aid. It does not turn on the shower or make any difference to the temperature of the water.

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Acommodation price, range and quality has improved enormously over the last decade in hidden Italy. Furthermore, a lot of accommodation is available through e mail enquiry or, even better, through secure web pages. Additionally, we will suggest some of our favourite haunts for you to try. If you are looking for a cheap hotel in Venice or anywhere else in Italy then you’re in luck!  
There are so many options to choose from, just make sure you read the reviews before you book
online so you don’t get caught out.

Remember that there are various options besides hotels. As well as a growing number of bed and breakfast facilities, there are an increasing number of farm houses under the banner of agritourism. Not only do these offer an insight into genuine Italian country life and hospitality, they also offer excellent food and drink. Most provincial tourist offices offer such houses; remember that some are seasonal.

Italian hotels vary enormously in quality, comfort, price and service. I have experienced almost every type from the very best five star hotel to no-star accoommodation. While I received the best service in the five star hotel, the no-star hotel was fine. The only serious problems I encountered were in a three star hotel outside Rome, belonging to a very well-known worldwide chain. Not only was the room extremely damp due to a leaking air conditioning system, the walls of the room were paper-thin and the bathroom was not particularly clean either.


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